If you had the privilege to grow with the music of Alex Holt and Free Worship, it is clear that this single has a mature sound and beautiful instrumentation. Of course, this is a direct reflection of the growth in songwriter and lead Alex Holt, who recently announced his position on the Music Staff of The Mount with over 13,000 partners; 

Born in the suburbs of Virginia, before his voice started to mature and puberty kicked in, he was being shaped to be the musician that he is today. The son of a pastor, Holt is an ordained minister, musician, producer, songwriter and vocalist. It wasn’t long before he knew his calling and began to groom and ignite the gifts within. After the molding process, Alex Holt connected with other young people who shared the same tenacity and fire for God.​

​This humble artist has landed on the stage with many greats including Tye Tribbett, Travis Greene, Jonathn Nelson, Mali Music, and Kierra “KiKi” Sheard, but one thing is for sure, the only thing that has changed is his volume; because not only has he made it a mission to sing without regrets.Be on the look out for the new album GRACE┃MERCY┃LOVE set to be released in 2019 with some amazing collaborations with notable gospel artist.